What is KetoneZone?
KetoneZone is a ketone electrolyte supplement.

What makes KetoneZone different?
KetoneZone is a 100% Pure D-BHB formulation. D-Beta-Hydroxybutyrate is the same form of BHB the human body makes and recognizes well.

What are the top reasons for taking exogenous ketones?
The main benefits to taking B-hydroxybutyrate depend on the goals of the user. B-hydroxybutyrate has the unique property of enhancing bioenergetics effects and can enhance our overall metabolic health.
One very promising application of exogenous ketones as a supplement is that it can be used as a source of clean energy to further augment one’s diet. If BHB is used in conjunction with a ketogenic or low carb lifestyle, there can be several compelling benefits.

Is there a benefit to taking exogenous ketones if I’m not eating ketogenic/low carb?
Yes. Someone not eating a ketogenic or low carbohydrate diet can benefit from the consumption of B-hydroxybutyrate since this will allow an elevation of BHB in the blood, which is linked to many health benefits. Pinckaers et al. 2017 documented benefits in humans with elevated ketone levels in exercise performance. More research is needed to fully explore this topic in humans.

Should a person in nutritional ketosis take exogenous ketones?
A person already in a state of nutritional ketosis can benefit from BHB supplementation by allowing their body to optimize blood levels of ketones that have found to correlate with optimal mental, physical and cognitive performance. Individuals should consider body size, type of exercise, duration, existing nutrition strategy as well as other factors.

Are there any downsides to taking supplemental ketones?
The primary downside of ketone supplementation is GI discomfort, which is associated with the mineral load that can cause osmotic diarrhea. This typically occurs with high levels of BHB. This side effect can be significantly reduced by limiting the dosage in the beginning, then gradually increasing the amount taken to improve tolerability. Consuming optimal amounts of water and taking supplemental ketones with a meal may also improve tolerability.

Does taking exogenous ketones put a person into ketosis?
Yes, taking exogenous ketone supplements will elevate blood plasma BHB levels into a range that is clinically accepted as being in a state of ketosis. (>.5 mM) (Achanta and Rae, 2017)

Can I sip on KetoneZone throughout the day or do I need to drink it all at once?
Sipping or drinking KetoneZone all at once are both acceptable. Sipping on a ketone supplement may enhance the longevity of the ketogenic experience. Drinking all at once may maximize the clean energy fuel surge.

When is the best time to take KetoneZone?
Generally, it is best to take exogenous ketones on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. KetoneZone is best to be taken when clean energy is needed.

How many times per day can I take KetoneZone?
Once or twice daily is acceptable. Generally, in the morning and early afternoon. KetoneZone contains 90 mg of caffeine per serving. Starting with ½ a serving and gradually increasing is generally recommended.

Does it matter if I take KetoneZone with or without food?
KetoneZone may be taken with or without food. Taking supplemental ketones with a meal may improve tolerability.

Does KetoneZone contain artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners?

Why is BHB typically attached to minerals?
BHB is attached to minerals through an ionic bond because BHB is not stable on its own in powder form. The electrolyte minerals are selected based on their utility in making the molecule more palatable and delivering commonly depleted minerals.